Big picture thinking

Insights & integrations

Paul Blundell set up Rupert Blundell Associates 17 years ago to offer a different kind of service for cultural organisations. This service comes from a core value – to empower clients so you have the knowledge and skills to manage your own websites and digital communications.

We provide:

  • Website builds
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Data analysis and google analytics training
  • Integrations between systems e.g. PatronBase/Spetrix and a CMS
  • New functionality
  • CRM selection and bespoke builds
  • Continued support and maintenance

Our focus is to provide a service and build your digital capacity at the same time. By empowering you we give you the knowledge so you can see all the possibilities.

These possibilities are HUGE. For example, seeing how everything connects together, from data analysis, user experience, SEO to marketing campaigns enables you to have a big picture view, and that makes life simpler, easier and importantly a lot more productive.

See Paul in action in his recent videos on How to Build a WordPress Website and Email Automation: